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From concept and design, through to completion, London Wood Carving will give every project undivided attention to provide carving of the highest standard. 


The diversity of every project we embark on is highly varied, working on carvings from all artistic movements through to contemporary works.

Understanding and sympathy for the style in which you are working is crucial to a successful project, as is carefully selecting the most appropriate wood to suit your needs.


London Wood Carving members have been in involved in several high profile projects requiring this kind of sympathetic interpretation of styles. One such commission was to redesign a commemorative crozier to be presented by Pope Francis to the Archbishop Welby marking the 50th anniversary of the landmark encounter between Bl. Paul VI and Michael Ramsey. The crozier was made in collaboration with bespoke furniture maker and Royal Warrant Holder N.E.J Stevenson. The design of this hugely symbolic crozier was inspired by the historic crozier of sixth century pope St Gregory the Great, which he presented to St Augustine when he sent him to convert the pagan English in 597. This significant crozier was famously present during a challenging meeting between Archbishop Welby and Primates of the Anglican Communion, where its presence is said to have represented a common heritage between those attending, which helped them unite at a crucial moment.